1)Photograph of How Michael , Workington, posted by Keith Walla Wallace on the Old Workington Facebook site.

2) How Michael, in Bulmer's History and Directory of Cumberland, 1901, as recorded by Steve Bulman '...About a mile from Workington, towards Harrington there is an old building, generally known as the Old Chapel, and called by mariners How Michael. Pennant thinks that it was originally "a watch tower to mark the inroads of the Scots in their naval inroads. Others, that it was a Chantry Chapel dating from the reign of Elizabeth. However this may be, it is still useful to mariners, from its conspicuous situation on the high land near the shore, as a landmark. It is used as a magazine by the Artillery Corps, who have a battery for practice close to.'

2) A tower 23 and a half feet and 17 feet. repaired early 19th Cent. Probably carried the beacon in 1468 and 1688 (Collingwood 1923) St Michael's Mount, on Gatehouse  - A comprehensive gazeteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales...