Waorkington is found in The English and Wales 1911 Census posted on the Genes Reunited web site.

The entry for an Annie Mary Craig living in Islington, indicates that she was born in 'Waorkington' in 1882.

The text reads, '...(Birth Year)1882 (Where Born) Waorkington Cumberland.'

Waorkington 1911 Census

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Online source: Genes Reunited 

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Editor's note

Qwerty W 2

Letter 'a' sits next to 'w'

Why is there an 'a' in 'Waorkington'?

1) The 'w' and the 'a' keys are close together on the qwerty keyboard. May be a typing error.

2) The person filling in the census form may simply have written the word as she/he heard it pronounced.

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