When was Mary Queen of Scots called Mary Queen of England?

1) Warkinton dans la Province de Cumberland.  Description of the arrival of Marie Reine de Angleterre (Mary Queen of...)  at Workington. Page 123. La Caractere de la Reine Elizabet et de ses Principaux Ministres d'etat by Edmund Bohun de Societe Royale 1694(?)

2) Gilb de Culwen Warkinton.  Gilb de Culwen Warkinton listed among Sheriffs of Cumberland.  The History of the Worthies of England, Volume 1 endeavoured by Thomas Fuller . First published 1662. This print 1811. Page 243

3) search for 'Warkinton' search for Warkinton where Cumberland, England included in return.

4) Genesreunited search for 'Warkinton'

5) Rachel Fishwick, born Warkinton , Cumberland according to 1911 Census return. 

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