1) La Mariota de Werkenton de Whitehavene de Efelwell de Carlisle Three mentions in Liber quotidianus contrarotulatoris garderobae By Great Britain. King's Wardrobe, John Topham (1787)

King Edward I's Liber quotidianus contrarotulatoris garderobae Great Britain. King Edward I's Wardrobe, compile by John Topham (1787) page 272

2) Workington (W. Cumbld.). 1300 Werkenton. 'Town of (the sons of) Weorc', one in Onom  The Place-names of England and Wales. James Brown Johnston. 1916. Page 519.

3) Werkenton/Wirkyngton - Click on the arrows to see all three mentions of Werkinton

4) Whitby Panorama: And Monthly Chronicle, No 14, Volume 2, January 1828.  

English translation of earlier example

5) Werkenton La Grand Dictionnaire Historique, ou le Melange curieux de l'histoire sacree et profane by Louis Moreri, Desmarest. 1732. Paris. Page 139.


Beware of Werkenton in Northampton: 1)

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