1) McCutcheon Janet K 1904 Cumbd Wiorkington . Genesreunited showing Janet McCutcheons in 1911 Census

2) John McGill, miner, Wiorkington and Ann Hallaway . 25 Dec 1787. From Cumberland Parish Register Harrington 28. Entry in Google Group Genealogy-Cumberland  

3) 14. PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT - WIORKINGTON CONNECTED  Cumbria County Council Local Committee for Allerdale. Meeting Agenda 31 January 2011.

4) WIORKINGTON CONNECTED 106 Public Engagement in Cumbria County Council Local Committee for Allerdale. Minutes 31 January 2011.

5) Wiorkington Reds . Label attached to foot of Martin Wingfield British National Party Blog. 9 April 2008.

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