1) 50e. (H. 1).—Lambert de Multon grants to Holm abbey 24 dozen (loads) of iron ore (xxiiij duodenas mine ferri) in Coupland to keep up a forge, to be taken yearly from a place where he and his men get iron ore. Also right of way for the monks and their men and goods when carrying and digging. But the monks are not to smelt the said ore in his part of Coupland. They are to pay him half a mark of silver yearly. Witnesses—Alan de Multon, his brother, Patrick de Wirkenton, etc - The Register: Iron-works, Register & Records of Holm Cultram (1929), pp. 21-22. URL: Date accessed: 04 November 2009. - Lambert f. Thomas de Multon married one of the Lucy heiresses about 1215 and died 1246–7 the date given to this post

2) 100a. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 81).—Adam de Bolteby (who held a barony in Tindale including Featherstonhaugh (Arch. Ael. 3rd ser. xiii, 245n.) gives right of way through his land for waggons, packhorses and carts going to and fro between Holm and Newcastle with wool and other goods. They can rest and spend the night anywhere outside his park and the crops and meadows of his tenants; if damage is done, it shall be paid for at a valuation by men of honour. Witnesses—Gilbert de Wirkenton, sheriff of Cumberland, etc. (1279–83) - The Register: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Register & Records of Holm Cultram (1929), pp. 38-39. URL: Date accessed: 04 November 2009.

3) Gift in fee tail to legitimate heirs by Sir Philip de Haryngton, rector of Distyngton, and Alan de Crakeplace to John Collan of Wendeschal and Isabel his wife, of all their lands and tenements in Wendeschal, Wirkenton, which they obtained from the said Date: 1412 - national