1) Curia Regis Rolls in Armstrong AM et al (1952), The Place-Names of Cumberland, English Place-Name Society, Page 455. (Editor: one 'Wirketon' in Curia Regis is in Shropshire)

2) 'Hiis testibus Waltero abbate de Caldre, magistro Rogero officiali de Richemund, Waltero de Bricham, Michaele presbytero, Thoma capellano de Wirketon, et fratre suo, Roberto capellano de Egremund, Roberto de Haueton, Adam clerico de Camreton, Daniel de Furnes, et multis aliis.' - Registrum Prioratus De Sancta Bega - No 440: Carta Willelmi de Boivill de Dimidia Marcha Pro Terra in Kirksanton. p440.

3) From thence therefore we cast about by saint Bees to Derwentset hauen, whose water is truelie written Dargwent or Deruent. It riseth in the hils about Borrodale... From Keswtjc in like sort it goeth to Thorneswate (and there making a plash) to Armanswate, Isell, Huthwate and Cokermouth, and here it receiueth the Cokar, which rising among the hils commeth by Lowsewater, Brakenthwate, Lorton, and so to Cokarmouth towne, from whence it hasteth to Bridgeham, and receiuing a rill called the Wire, on the south side that runneth by Dein, it leaueth Samburne and Wirketon behind it, and entereth into the sea... Leland saith that the Wire is a créeke where ships lie oft at rode, and that Wirketon or Wirkington towne dooth take his name thereof. He addeth also that there iron and coles, beside lead ore in Wiredale. Neuerthelesse the water of this riuer is for the most part sore troubled, as comming through a suddie or soddie more, so that little good fish is said to liue therein. - Harrison and Holinshed et al - Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland 1577 and 1587 editions - Search 1577 & 1587 editions - Title page of August 1807 edition