1) Division One: Level Two v Miners Arms Wo, FC Yankees v Miners Arms Utd, Dearham Commercial v Seaton FC, Curwen Arms v Wetherspoons, Seaton Village Pack Horse v Flimby Vikings  Results and Scorers from Cumbrian Amateur Football, G Nicholson, North-West Evening Mail. Thu 25 Sept 2003. Accessed 30-01-2013.

2) Wh Wi Wo  Results Grid of Aspatria Rugby. 1st XV - League Information - Northern Division - North Lanc & Cumbria. Accessed 30-01-2013

3) Cumbria 76 v Staffordshire 3 - 28-04-2012 - Team: Smith(Wi) Lancaster(Wh) Hawley(P) Maudling(SB) Fell(P) Hanabury(Wi) Newton(P) Andrews(A) McDowell(P) Bell(Wi) Atkinson(Wi) Dawson(P) Johnson(P) Els(F) Hodgson(P) Subs Tweddle(Wo) Thornton(P) Marrs(Wi) Bowe(Wo) Raine(P) Clegg(A) Fearon(Wo) ... Wi - Wigton Wh - Whitehaven P - Penrith SB - St Benedict’s A - Aspatria F - Furness Wo - Workington Cumbria Rugby Union. Accessed 30-01-2013.

4) Planning Application 2/2011/0520, Autumn Fields Stainburn Road Wo ... Allerdale Borough Council Accessed 30-01-2013Edit

  • ) Entry in 1834 Lioyd's list 2009. Not found 30-01-2013.

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