a) 'Graham John born 1892, place of birth Workignton, Cumberland' - from Genes

b) 'The other two constituencies, Copeland and Workignton, are grossly out of line on affinity compared with the other four.' - Boundary Commission For England, Minutes, Public Inquiry, Carlisle, 2001 page 126.


d) ...John Neville St George Curwen, Estate Office, Workignton and Tom Brown, St Andrews Churchyard, Penrith... - Licence to work coal by way of outstroke in Harrington and Workington - British Steel Corporation, Title Deeds (1931) at Cumbria County Council Archives

e) 22 Aug. Newcastle v Workignton, Premier League 43-51 -

f) After being released by Carlisle, he signed for Workignton on a permanent basis on November 21 last year.' - Vipond set to leave for a summer in Sweden - Getnoticedonline

g) Borough Council Allerdale House, Workignton CA14 3JY. If you would like an e-mailed version of this questionnaire in word format – please e-mail... - Allerdale Borough Council

h) ...11th - Alnwick, 12th - Carlisle, 13th - Workignton, 14th - Lancaster/Morecambe, 15th - Blackpool... - Basic Directions on 5 MILES TO BEACH (2005)

i) A lot comes down to the luck of the draw and injuries at the time but our first priority is to get past Workignton. - Comments -

j) j) u mc mac n balastic haha go on the boyssssss workigntons finest - Italian and italian style dance music forum -

k)'Main article: List of Parliamentary constituencies in Cmubria... Wsetmorland and Lonsdlae Workignton.' - Kiwipedia

l) Keighley Cougras 32 Workignton 14: Brave Town lost out in the battle for promotion against bogey team Keighley Cougars during a hard fought elimination play off clash. - Town's Season Over As They Fail To Tame Cougars - News and Star, Monday, 08 September 2008

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