a) '...Considerun Newcastle's ower ont East coast - un Wukkiton's ower ont west - Wukkiton lies aw gaa tut left - while Newcastle's gaa tut reet...' - Ethel Fisher MBE, poem 'Let the Train Take The Strain' in 'More Humorous Tales in Cumberland Dialect Rhyme', p88, 2008

b) So good you moved, eh? Wukkiton Mafia on your tail or what? - Workington Reds (forum topic) - - 10 Feb 2008

c) Its fair glisky reet now marra, though I'm no jameater, ah's no frae Wukkiton, or White'aven, ah's frae Carla'al marra - - What time is tea? (forum topic) - 19 Mar 2008

d) I don't believe that, I thought they were only allowed plastic bottles in Wukkiton in case the rabble from Old Side use them as weapons!! - - for and about police specials - 30 Jun 2009