WYRKINTON in King Edward I Calendar of Patent Rolls - 1 February 1307

a) Sedgewick, 'Place names of Cumberland', Manchester Uni. page 128

b) King Edward I Calendar of Rolls 1301-1307

c) Armstrong AM, Mawer A, Stenton FM, Dickens Bruce (1952), 'The Place-Names of Cumberland', English Place-Name Society, Vol XXII Part III, Page 480. cf: Wyrksop, Wirkesop

d) ...sheriff of Cumberland... to get ready empty ships and barges at Skymburneys, Whitothavene and Wyrkinton ...find them in men and necessaries to go... to repress the malice of Robert de Brus and his accomplices... - King Edward I Calendar of Patent Rolls - 1 February 1307.

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